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Let's Do This!

Welcome to the Ward 7 blog. In this first post I want to introduce myself and explain why I ask for your vote in September, and then again in November.

My husband and I have lived in Ward 7 since 1991. We built our careers and raised our family here. I am running for City Council because I believe in public service and I believe Ward 7 deserves an active, engaged, and responsive voice. I believe in getting things done!

I invite you to join me in fighting for our neighbors – our roads, bridges, and parks – our schools, housing quality, and local businesses. We demand our fair share of city services while keeping our tax rates down and our city budget focused on transparency, equity, and frugality. We deserve better.

I believe in community service and being an advocate for my neighbors. I was honored to work for Congressman John Olver as a champion for Pittsfield priorities in front of the federal government. I was a Vice President for MassDevelopment serving as their first Pittsfield-based economic development liaison with the state. I have worked in our public schools as a long-term substitute teacher where I witnessed some of the greatest challenges and greatest achievements of our local families. Working alongside our educators, I saw their dedication to excellence and deep compassion for our students.

Working with Elder Services, I gained insight into the challenges of aging in place and maintaining independence. Currently, I work for a community financial institution focused on financial equity and wellness throughout our neighborhoods. Over the years, I have volunteered on countless local and state boards and committees and currently serve on the City’s ordinance review committee.

Ward 7 is an integral part of this city’s economy. We are the home of the city’s two major lakes, the state forest, and retail and industry. We have something for everyone, from urban to rural and everything in between.

But we also have our challenges. I am ready to fight for Ward 7 - we deserve active, engaged and responsive representation. We have two major city projects in the ward: the redesign of Pontoosuc Lake recreation area and the remodeling of one of the city’s greatest treasures: Wahconah Park. Both of these projects have significant economic potential for Ward 7. They can be the catalysts for positioning us as the leader in outdoor recreation and environmental tourism, one of Pittsfield’s growing economic sectors.

It’s time for Ward 7 to take an active leadership role in this city. If I am elected, all of Pittsfield will know the creativity, perseverance and determination of the residents of Ward 7. Together we can become a strong and constructive voice for our community and play a vital role in the direction of this city. Ward 7 will be heard.



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